Lessons Extricated from the Experiences of Kenya’s Predecessors in Embracing Space Technology

By virtue of being a late entrant, Kenya is paradoxically opportunely placed to benefit from the experiences of other countries that have preceded her in embracing space technology for sustainable development.  We have scrutinized in detail the space technology experiences of India and Brazil, and further succinctly analyzed a plethora of other developing countries’ methodologies […]

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Space Technology in Brazil

Brazil initiated space activities in 1961 with the creation of the Group for the Organization of the National Committee for Space Activities (GOCNAE) through a presidential decree. This body subordinated to the National Research Council and chiefly operated under the auspices of the Air Force. Following the formation of the Brazilian Committee on Space Activities […]

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Space Technology in Industrially Developing Countries

It is important for us to examine how other industrially developing countries have approached the integration of space technology in their economies. The experiences of these countries constitute an invaluable knowledge trove indispensable to Kenya’s quest to establish a sustainable domestic space sector. We shall consider an extremely abridged scrutiny of the Indian and Brazilian […]

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