My name is Dr. Peter M.B Waswa. I am a space systems engineer and a space enthusiast at heart. Therefore, I advocate for the use of space-based technology in Kenya (and Africa) to expedite sustainable national socio-economic and development.


Kenya has courageously embarked on a path to transform herself into a newly industrialized country by 2030 through the long-term planning strategy officially named Kenya Vision 2030. To achieve this development objective, Kenya will have to be audacious, ingenious and entrepreneurial country in formulating solutions to the developmental challenges ahead.

Space-based technology has been demonstrated to accelerate sustainable development in other industrially developing countries like India, Brazil, and China.

Therefore, this website aims to advocate for, educate and unveil space-based technology as a fundamental integral part of lifting Kenya into a newly industrializing country.

By acting as an informational conduit, this blog aims to stimulate fruitful discussions on the esoteric subject of space in our society and eventually delineate how space technology can be utilized to improve the cultural and socioeconomic lives of the Kenyan citizenry.

Contact:      kenyanspace@gmail.com