Center Manifold Reduction of Nonlinear Dynamics With External Periodic Excitations

In this new article, we present a straightforward approach to accomplish model order reduction on the invariant center manifold for large-dimensional nonlinear systems subjected to external periodic excitations. This relatively plain and direct approach is applicable to both parametrically excited and constant coefficient nonlinear systems.

Our approach is powerful because it is liberated from typical special strategies such as the need for a ‘book-keeping’ parameter, a detuning parameter and minimal excitation. It is also applicable to a broad range of nonlinear systems with external periodic excitations.

Analytical models of space systems dynamics tend to be nonlinear and often with external excitation. Further, they maybe parametrically excited; hence the approach presented here contributes towards modelling, analysis and control of space system dynamics.

The article is titled “A Plain Approach for Center Manifold Reduction of Nonlinear Systems With External Periodic Excitations” published in the journal of Vibration and Control.

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