In the Media & Next Topic

The passing on of Neil Armstrong-the first human to set foot on another celestial mass is undoubtedly the most recent significant news in the space fraternity and the world at large. Kenyans joined the world in mourning Neil as evident by the news of his demise and portrait emblazoning the front pages of major dailies. […]

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Space Missions—II

Space Missions Classification Space missions can be categorized based on a number of factors such as mission duration, spacecraft size, orbital location, cost, objective, geographic origin etc. The classification approach is usually motivated by the intended use of the classification exercise’s outcome. However, a prudent and insightful categorization of space missions focuses on the nature […]

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Space Missions—I

We previously defined space-based technology as “…any technical capability that incorporates a man-made extra-terrestrial segment in its intended operation here on earth…” Consequently, the discussions here will dwell on the “man-made extra-terrestrial segment.” In simple terms, this rather mouthful of an expression refers to an artificial satellite purposely built and launched into a predefined orbit […]

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Space Technology Legacy & Modern Global Trends—Part II

All the space-age pioneering countries swiftly morphed their space programs from semi-military outfits into full civilian entities by establishing national space agencies. Later on, inter-governmental space alliances like the European Space Agency (ESA) were also established to leverage member country’s technological and economic strengths. Correspondingly, the UN created a permanent Committee on the Peaceful Uses […]

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Space Technology Legacy & Modern Global Trends—Part I

In order to fully appreciate the global space technology scene; it is important to be cognizant with the discipline’s origins, evolution, prevailing status and future trends. This post will hence provide a brief but insightful understanding into the fundamental aspects concerning the origins and advancement of space science as a field. The cardinal knowledge upon […]

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Kenya Space Topics in the Media

Recently, significant interest in acquisition and application of space based technology in Kenya seems to be building up as evident in these two pieces. More and more facets of the Kenyan society are gaining interest in the subject and appear to be generally inclined to precipitate a sustainable meaningful government involvement. This is definitely […]

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Why Kenya Needs Space-Based Technology

Before we answer this question as applicable specifically in the Kenyan context, it is essential to understand what I mean by Space-based Technology which is used interchangeably with Space Technology. Space-based Technology refers to any technical capability that incorporates a man-made extra-terrestrial segment in its intended operation here on earth. Therefore, palpable examples of space-based […]

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Kenya and Space Technology

As I begin to make a case for the long overdue foray of Kenya into the space arena, may I kindly bring to your attention a recent Journal article that I co-authored with Prof Calestous Juma titled “Establishing a Space Sector for Sustainable Development in Kenya” in the International Journal for Technology and Globalisation. (Follow […]

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