Kenya Space Topics in the Media

Recently, significant interest in acquisition and application of space based technology in Kenya seems to be building up as evident in these two pieces.

More and more facets of the Kenyan society are gaining interest in the subject and appear to be generally inclined to precipitate a sustainable meaningful government involvement.

This is definitely a step in the right direction because it dovetails into the political will and policy framework establishment which are crucial ingredients for a successful national space program. Besides, the ultimate objective of utilizing space technology is to raise the living standards of all Kenyans. Therefore all citizens are stakeholders in the subject.

Though the interest and push by the political class as evident in the two pieces above is a positive development, Kenya must be careful in its approach to adopting space technology for national development. A well-thought-out, sober and comprehensive nationalistic approach is essential instead of an emotive reactionary concept. The San Marco site should be one of the pieces in the grand plan instead of serving as a focal point for adopting space technology for sustainable development. This is what I intend to comprehensively address on this blog.

Finally, to make an observation from the clip, many would agree that as a country eagerly poised to scale the ladders of technology, the presence of a satellite earth station can benefit us more than the construction of a couple primary schools. Seriously!

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