Prof. Calestous Juma

This morning I received with profound devastation the sad news about Prof. Calestous Juma’s passing. I am still gutted in shock!

It is Prof. Juma who inspired me to start this website. When I was his student at the Harvard Kennedy School, we co-authored the article on establishing a space sector in Kenya which would later form the foundation for this website.

I had the privilege of recently co-authoring   another research paper on space technology and Africa’s development with him and Prof. Wesley L. Harris.

We  were presently working on plans to introduce aerospace programs in Kenyan universities of science and technology in collaboration with MIT, Harvard and Arizona State universities.

Prof. Juma had an inscrutable ability to always inspire scholarly excellence in you.  He effortlessly connected the often esoteric intellectualism with daily real-life  relevance.  He was an exceptional mentor, colleague and human being.

May Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace. We pray for the family to find strength as they go through this difficult time.

Fare thee well Prof.!

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