Westgate Mall Attack

Following the brutal attacks at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, I would like to convey my heart-felt condolences to the family and friends of the victims.  This inexplicable and despicable beastly act occurred on 21st September 2013.

May the fallen RIP and we pray for a rapid and wholesome recovery for the survivors.

May God further provide strength and courage across the entire nation to heal; continue pursuing a prosperous and tranquil society.


3 thoughts on “Westgate Mall Attack

  1. My FB comment on this, here:


    Kenya is a country where some colleges have a travel & tourism department (and a wildlife management department – hand-in-glove) but no real engineering department. This might be appropriate at Kenya’s current stage of development. The stage where Kenya can contribute significantly in the space sector will probably only be reached if the tourism money keeps flowing. And now it’ll slow to a trickle. This is not good.

    The casualties at Westgate Mall might be considered only the tip of the iceberg — Kenya is still poor enough that the loss of tourism revenue could translate to a higher infant mortality rate for a while.

    Be brave – and rational. If you’ve ever thought of visiting Kenya, start planning now. And go soon. The terrorists can’t get us all. They can’t get more than a tiny fraction of us. And with security suddenly tightened, they probably can’t get ANY of us. They must know this, so they probably aren’t even trying. Putting off or cancelling a trip now is like locking yourself behind a storm cellar door AFTER the tornado has passed.

    Want to do something for Kenya? Go. Spend money. Be happy. And tell people you’re definitely coming back.

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