So Far!

roadmapIn our quest to illustrate how to establish a space sector for sustainable development in Kenya, we have so far addressed several pertinent fundamental themes. They include;

  • What is space technology?
  • Why does Kenya need space-based technology?
  • The global space technology legacy and the prevailing global space technology trends.
  • Under what framework should Kenya integrate space technology for national development in a sustainable manner?
  • Illustrative case studies of space technology implementation in industrially developing countries.
  • Lessons that Kenya can learn from her predecessors in implementing space technology.
  • Kenya’s preparedness to absorb space technology.
  • The potential challenges that Kenya might face in implementing space technology.

Next, we shall embark on explicating the step-by-step process that Kenya needs to follow in order to comprehensively embrace space technology for national development in a sustainable manner. This will essentially be a road-map for Kenya to establish a space sector from scratch. Moreover, an organizational framework delineating the various players and their functions in the proposed space sector will also be formulated.

One thought on “So Far!

  1. I am a Kenyan born space enthusiast and an entrepreneur living in the US. I was delighted to hear that Kenya has progressed relatively further than they had before in regards to it’s space policy. I believe it is crucial for our young beloved country to invest significantly on the next frontier (Space), specifically for it’s resources. The discovery of oil could be considered mildly good but nothing more. With the world diverging from fossil fuel, globalization ever increasing and technology taking bigger leaps ahead. Question we need to ask ourselves as a country is, what now? What will be our economic source years from now? What businesses will our children run? Banks-okay, technology firms-okay, software engineering-okay, manufacturing-maybe, hotels-not really, oil firms-to some degree. The largest oil producing country in the world now is using it’s resources to secure it’s future years from now because they know, that oil is dying. Let us secure a prosperous future for Kenya and our regions. Let’s not be left behind. We can learn just like everyone else can or has.

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