Space Sector 2.0 – The Kenya Space Sector Characterization


As we previously stated, Kenya urgently needs to formally integrate space technology in its development agenda  because;

space technology is a specialized capability which is inherently endowed to accelerate the realization of national sustainable development goals thereby expeditiously transforming Kenya into the envisioned newly industrialized country.

The specific application areas of space technology are tabulated in the section on ‘Why Kenya Needs Space Technology’.

In characterizing the Kenya space technology initiative, we shall recommend and justify a favorable approach among the options presented in the section on ‘How Should Kenya Embrace Space Technology?’ This option must inherently develop the socioeconomic status of ordinary Kenyans in a consistent manner in order to realize a homogeneous national development agenda.

Consequently, we propose that Kenya should establish a national domestic space sector. The space sector will be composed of the government, educational institutions, private sector and the public; all galvanized to integrate sustainable space technology in national development.

In detailing how Kenya should establish a space sector; we shall also analyze Kenya’s preparedness to adopt space technology and the potential challenges she will face in establishing a space sector.

The lessons extracted from Kenya’s predecessors in adopting space technology coupled with innovative experiences gained from other sectors will guide us in charting a non-traditional path in establishing the space sector. This is what we are referring to as “Space Sector 2.0”

Kenya’s journey to establish a space sector should indeed differ from the traditional approach exhibited by space technology pioneers  and early entrants into the field. A more nimble, versatile and dynamic approach that is heavily influenced by the entrepreneurial ICT culture should dominate.

3 thoughts on “Space Sector 2.0 – The Kenya Space Sector Characterization

  1. I firmly believe that Kenya should aggresively strive to create “Spaceport Africa” on the Kenya coast as close to the equator as possible. It would be an equal (or better) location for GeoStationary Satellite launches compared with French Guiana, particularly for European, Asian and Russian satellites. Building the infrastructure and creating a workforce (who better than Kenyans?) will create an economic boom never seen before. With the advent of commercial spaceflight and space tourism, Kenya has LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION to be at the forefront of this new industry. How can you beat a location on the equator, thousands of miles of ocean to launch over (not to mention beautiful beaches and a great country to visit) and a well educated workforce? Come on… let’s make this happen.

  2. Excellent.
    We must step forward and lead in space technology…
    Great nations are progressively achieving their research goals in the space from zero point.
    Time for changing thought in space technology is due we can’t wait any longer…

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