Kenya and Space Technology

As I begin to make a case for the long overdue foray of Kenya into the space arena, may I kindly bring to your attention a recent Journal article that I co-authored with Prof Calestous Juma titled “Establishing a Space Sector for Sustainable Development in Kenya” in the International Journal for Technology and Globalisation. (Follow the link to the journal article.)

I highly recommend this journal article to all. Moreover, the assertions and postulations of the article will significantly form a basis for my starting point of this important discussion. This website not only aims to expound the stated objectives of the article, but further enrich its postulations for charting a path of integrating space-based technology for sustainable development in Kenya.

In summary, the two broad questions I shall address at length are:

  1. Why does Kenya need space-based technology?
  2. How will this technology be optimally implemented in a sustainable manner?

The answers to these two broad questions will begin to emerge as we exhaustively examine pragmatic and attainable space technology solutions pertinent to the present Kenyan societal context.

2 thoughts on “Kenya and Space Technology

  1. Waswa this is a g ood initiative. It provides a platform to scientists and the likes to venture and share knowledge in the space arena…cheers!

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